What to look for in a Document Management System?

4 years ago

Having precise document management is a challenging but worthwhile practice. However, if you have decided to invest in a Document Management System, then comes the new problem of deciding which one to choose and what does the system needs?

Keeping all the factors in mind, we have curated the five elements you should look for in a document management system. Read below to know more

5 elements to look for in a Document Management Software

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These steps would help you decide the best document management software for your business.

1. Cloud storage

No document management software in the market does not provide a cloud storage facility to function as the central hub for uploading files. However, they differ in the amount of connectivity they contribute to the central hub. So, it is essential to consider how, when, and where you can access the document management software.

Some of the document management system is an integration of browser access and a separate app that provides you with numerous ways to access the central hub. While some of the software have got limitations of where you can upload the file or which file can be uploaded. These features are essential to consider when deciding which document management software will work the best for your business.

2. Capabilities for scanning

If you are someone with files full of documents setting in paper format, then it is the best to find a document management software with scanning feature that will allow you to scan and move all your relevant documents to the central hub.

The feature is also useful when your business is involved in attending or hosting several events where paper documents are exchanged to ensure no loss of information. While considering this factor in deciding the best document management software, it is essential to see which technology is used for the scanning function. The best technology for this function would be optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR).

3. Search function

It is essential to see that the document management system software you choose has got a robust search function as this feature will allow you to find your documents quickly and easily.

While considering this factor, it is essential to pay close attention to the metadata function. An effective metadata feature would allow you to create a background ID for every other file in your Central hub. Both the features, when put together, will enable you to find the written document at the right time.

4. Document editor/creator

The most important feature to look for in a data management software is a built-in or integrated document editor or creator. This is because the feature allows you to make corrections and revisions online without downloading the document. Additionally, you can use this feature to create and Store new documents in the right place instantly.

5. Document version controls

Document version control is an important feature to look for in your document management system software. This feature would include a list of the people who had made changes to the document along with the details of what and when these changes were made. This feature produces a complete or curated list of the older version documents to ensure you never lose vital information in case of error.

Key Takeaways

In addition to all these features, a good document management software allows you to manage who can access the data. Furthermore, the document management software you choose should also support various file formats, so you do not end up saving these files in separate places again.

A practical incorporation of the factors mentioned above will help you find the best document management software for your business.