Social impact and responsibility

Social Responsibility

Committed to social responsibility, PRIME GROUP’s concern for a sustainable tomorrow is best reflected in its service to the society. Inspired by a common urge to create a positive and meaningful change, the International Society for Human Welfare and Rehabilitation (ISHWAR) was established as a non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to serve the needs of the physically challenged and the economically weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed, colour, community, religion, race or language . It assists the disabled and the poor to regain their independence and rise to the challenges ahead.

Bringing positivity

We’ve also joined hands with Endolite India and Chas A. Blatchford & Sons in order to bring the latest prosthetic technology to India from pioneering countries like the UK, U.S.A & Sweden. This initiative has forged its impact with clinics and service centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. These services are provided with the help of a highly qualified team of trained prosthetists under the direct supervision and control of senior retired officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

ISHWAR and Endolite India hope to make meaningful contributions for the enlistment of the society at large.

Limb Fitting Camps

ISHWAR conducts limb fitting camps independently and collaborates with local charitable organizations, NGOs, and institutions to identify and screen patients for limb support systems/artificial limbs. Prosthetists then visit the venue and take necessary measurements for fabrication of Orthotic/Prosthetic devices. Fitment is done after 4 weeks.

Limb Fitting Workshop on Wheels

The Limb Fitting Workshop on Wheels is a mobile healthcare initiative by PRIME GROUP that provides prosthetic limbs to the underprivileged in remote areas. It has been successful in providing free-of-cost limb fitting and rehabilitation services to many people, enabling them to become self-sufficient and participate in society.

Artificial Limb Fitment Centre

An artificial limb fitment center provides prosthetic devices to individuals who have lost limbs due to illness, injury, or congenital disorders. They use the latest technology and materials to create devices that closely mimic the appearance and function of natural limbs. The goal is to help people with physical disabilities live full and productive lives by providing them with the tools they need to overcome their challenges.

ISHWAR - KbH Mission Collaboration

The initiative facilitates free surgery camps, artificial limb fitments, and provide limb supportive devices for people with locomotor disabilities, to assist those in need and improve their quality of life by providing them with the necessary medical attention and equipment. The programs are organised with the goal of promoting accessibility and affordability of healthcare services for underprivileged communities.

ISHWAR Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics (IIPO)

ISHWAR Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics (IIPO) is a specialized training Institute run by International Society for Human Welfare and Rehabilitation (ISHWAR). It was established in 2007 with the conduct of its first RCI accredited Continuing Education Programme. Its aims and objectives are to promote Prosthetic & Orthotic education and research in the Country and assist in growth of efficient P&O Services. In 2010, IIPO opened its Southern regional centre to carry out BPO Course.

Educational Scholarships

Contributing to support education by providing scholarships to underprivileged students. We believe education is a fundamental right for everyone and should not be limited by financial constraints. This initiative aims to uplift communities and break the cycle of poverty through education.


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