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In a rapidly changing world, we strive to anticipate trends and provide innovative solutions that look beyond tomorrow.


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd (PPIL) is a leading service provider specialising in varied Business outsourcing, and advisory services, along with our line of innovative products covering multiple industry verticals that help our clients achieve excellence in their business processes. Having a staff strength of 2000+ professionals, we pride ourselves in delivering quality services at a very cost effective level that gives clients a significant cost advantage.

PPIL originated in 1999 with five principles dedicated to integrity and excellence. Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our teams are able to identify the best strategies whether we are in good times or bad times. Good times provide growth in our portfolio and bad times have contributed to opportunities and experience. PPIL, an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company, is a leading service provider globally specialising in various consulting services with the focus on providing integrated solutions as per the business need of the clients across the globe.

Customer Satisfaction is of topmost priority for us and is addressed with our constant feedback-mechanism and regular interaction with clients.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality services at a cost effective level that gives our clients that significant advantage with the wide spectrum of services globally.


The conglomerate company PRIME GROUP began it’s operations in 1983, and has evolved into a global enterprise with offices in multiple countries with hundreds of people strong workforce.

Offering a wide range of solutions to clients across various industries, including automotive, banking, chemical, defense, education, hotel and restaurant, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, telecom, and travel, transport, and logistics. The team at Prime Group India is made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality services to clients. They use the latest technologies and methodologies to help clients solve complex business problems and achieve their goals. The company’s solutions are designed to be cost-effective, scalable, and flexible, allowing clients to adapt to changing business needs.

In addition to consulting and technology services, Prime Group India also offers market research and analytics services to help clients gain insights into their customers, competitors, and industry trends. The company’s goal is to empower clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

With a strong focus on client satisfaction and quality, Prime Group India has earned a reputation for delivering excellent services and building long-term relationships with clients. The company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that they stay at the forefront of their industry, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that drive business success.


Shri Surinder Mehta, a self made entrepreneur, is founder Chairman of Prime Group. Founded in 1986, the group has witnessed a remarkable growth from being a prime idea to a highly diversified multi-activity conglomerate. He has pioneered advancements in the field of on-site & on-line partial discharge; infrared based thermography and thermal imaging; emergency restoration system for line towers; and high capacity battery-less UPS systems. 

Shri Mehta has received several awards in recognition of his noteworthy contributions to the economy and nation-building on technological lines during the last 23 years. These include Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award (PHDCCI), Udyog Rattan Award, Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Rattan Shiromani Award, National Business Leadership Award, and many more.

Surinder Mehta

Padmashree Shri Surinder Mehta

Founder and CMD

Prime Group of Companies

Mr. Rohan Mehta


Prime Group of Companies

Mr. Rohan, Executive Director, Prime Group, has been involved in diversifying the group further into a major export oriented project for manufacture of EHV Power transformer in a SEZ in Andhra Pradesh through a subsidiary of the flagship company PCI Limited, called Prime Electric Ltd. He has also been actively involved in setting up a unit of Prime Hi-Tech Engineering Ltd. a large Heavy Engineering and Fabrication facility in SEZ in Andhra Pradesh. He has also been very actively involved in developing International business for the group such as in Russia & CIS countries and the Africa Continent.

Serving the ISHWAR NGO as its Vice President, modernising the local school and building Health care centre for the welfare of 8000 people. He was the youngest member of the Prime Minister delegation to Brazil to promote Indian-Brazilian business cooperation. He has been conferred with prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year “award” 2012.

Archana Mehta

Mrs. Archna Mehta


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.

Mr. U.C. Misra


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.

Mr. Abhijeet Prakash

Executive Director & CEO

Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.

GEO Presence

Planet PCI has its roots in Gurugram, but it has spread its wings to almost all cities of India. Our primary aim was to conquer the local market, and upon successful accomplishment, we have spread our wings to various parts of the globe.
We have a magnificent global presence covering countries like the USA, Russia, Nigeria, Asia Pacific, and Middle Eastern countries. We strive to help the global organisations redefine their business practices with our excellent solutions to keep pace with the digital age. Our team works relentlessly using state-of-the-art technology for developing excellent and up-to-date software keeping in mind international standards.

Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.


Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.


Awards & Accreditations EARNED

Testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet and exceed industry standards. Our efforts and achievements recognized and awarded in various areas such as quality, innovation, customer service, and social responsibility.

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