The Modern Way To Grow Your Business Forward

The Modern Way To Grow Your Business Forward.

HR Consulting And Outsourcing

HR Consulting and Outsourcing is an essential aspect of any organization as it helps to manage and improve human capital, which is crucial for business sustainability and growth. The objective of HR Consulting is to address the challenges faced by organizations in managing their people, processes, and productivity. 

At Planet PCI, we understand these challenges and provide solutions that free organizations from the complexities of HR management and enable them to focus on their core business goals. Our vast experience in the owner-managed segment has given us a unique perspective on the specific challenges faced by SMEs. We understand that SMEs have limited resources and face several constraints that can affect their growth. We provide SMEs with all-inclusive solutions for their HR needs. 

Our team of skilled HR resources, time-tested systems, and performance-driven execution ensures that we provide highly economic solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our HR Consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and development, and employee relations. 

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Our performance-driven approach ensures that we deliver results that are measurable and impactful, helping organizations to enhance their business growth.


Contract Staffing

Human resources are at the core of any organisation. With our HR consulting services, we assist businesses in developing and implementing procedures and policies that result in efficient and effective HR mechanisms inside enterprises.

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Outsourcing HR services allows firms to save money and time while improving the quality of their human resources. Planet PCI provides flawless procedures and cutting-edge solutions for all HR requirements for enterprises in a variety of sectors.

Learning & Development

PPIL (Planet PCI InfoTech Ltd.) relieves the hassle of critical HR difficulties. We have a wide range of programs designed in light of our ‘Need And Objective Analysis’. These programs are aligned towards motivation, sales effectiveness, time management, customer service, team management and more.

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When managing a cross-border workforce, you may encounter unanticipated or unusual issues that need to be addressed. To free you up to concentrate on your company goals, we can also handle the ordinary administrative responsibilities throughout the employment lifecycle.


PPIL (Planet PCI InfoTech Ltd.) team follows a step-by-step methodology to provide customized solutions – delivered to you within a month followed by regular intervention to ensure effective implementation and smooth execution.


Prognosis &
GAP Analysis

Analyzing HR challenges, practices, policies and procedures currently used for managing manpower resources in your organisation.



A blueprint of HR Strategy aligned to your organisation’s beliefs and growth plans following best industry and benchmark practices.


the Plan

Execution of Customised policies, SOPs, Roll-out plans & phased processes covering all touch points that are aligned with needs at different stages of the business cycle.


Reviews &

Periodically conducting HR performance reviews, audit of processes, and functions that address & grease out the friction in operations.

Benefits of HR Consulting and outsourcing staffing services for Your Organization

With a dedicated HR team, businesses can attract and retain top talent, ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, and provide effective training and development programs. 

HR staffing also allows for a streamlined recruitment process, reducing the time and cost associated with hiring new employees. Moreover, HR staffing enables businesses to foster a positive and inclusive work culture, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and productivity. By investing in HR staffing, companies can unlock a range of benefits that can help drive growth and success in today’s competitive business landscape.

Higher ROI on HR costs with Manpower Optimization and skill set mapping.

Worry-free hiring with respect to desired organizational goals.

Efficient Talent Management strategies that addresses your growing business needs.

Mitigate liability arising out of employee issues, laws & compliances.

Well engaged workforce & retention of talents hired.

Your transactional HR operations are handled with defined protocols.

Time to focus on what you do best - running and growing your business!

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It doesn’t matter what is your company type or where is your company based on we serve in entire India

HR consulting services are responsible for assisting clients by introducing and executing strategies, making things more profound and fruitful for operations that occur in an organisation. Hiring a consultant instead of going on its own takes the weight off an organisation and enables it to focus on priorities. We at Planet PCI Infotech emphasise employing the best practices to meet the aspirations of our valued clients.

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