Top Features of Hospitality Management Software

4 years ago

The main rationale behind implementing software for hospitality management is to get maximum returns for investment by enhancing efficiency and productivity. For this sake, as a hotelier, you must be knowledgeable about the best options of hospitality management software in the market with features suiting your business.

 Major hotel chains have made the switch to cloud based, reliable system of hospitality management, but the smaller ones are trapped in manual, outdated processes that spell inefficiency. In case you are in doubt, the following features of software for hospitality management may convince you to opt for the same:

Superior Booking Engine

The main factor for adopting the software for the hotel business is to rule out human error by 100%. With the swelling of travellers, the demand for rooms of all kind have boomed. With the software, you can avail of direct bookings from guests. Booking engine can also double up as front desk software, enabling automated reservation and alerts for arrival and payments.

Management of Guest Experience

This is a broad feature that helps enhance the stay of guests at your hotel. For instance, a guest profile tool helps track guest information like whether they have ordered for extra towels or any other services. Guest profiles are valuable while constructing guest history, enabling you to track preferences of returning guests. You can also reward returning guests with special offers or freebies.

Business Insights

For growing your business, you need analytics and insights on your revenue and data. With analytic tools in the software, you can pre-set prices for rooms and services as per your low and high seasons. This can be done on basis of various booking sources and room categories.

Management of Housekeeping/ Maintenance

With software for hotel management, you can always track rooms that need cleaning or preparation before arrival of a new guest or even monitor number of rooms that are cleaned on a particular day. A big complaint of housekeeping staff is that they don’t have sufficient time to clean each room, leading to less sanitary accommodation than that demanded by guests. So, the software can help them out.

With regard to maintenance, you can monitor areas that require attention and also schedule future repairs to ensure that electricity and plumbing are running effectively and efficiently.

Integration with OTA’S

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) are mostly third-party travel booking sites. Proper integration with third-party platforms is vital to keep your bookings in an organized manner. This avoids mishaps like double booking through two different OTAs.

Review and Reputation Management

It is common knowledge that your online reputation has a high bearing on your revenues. Therefore, a system of reputation management is useful to control and moderate all responses of guests provided for your hotel. Not only can you compile reviews, but also take action on them. With this software you can get an overarching view of the commendable areas of the hotel as well as any issues you need to take care of.

Price Intelligence

Among the leading features in the software is the price intelligence feature. It provides hoteliers a foresight into their market, the prices charged by competitors and help determine their own pricing strategy. You can capture such data in a user-friendly data table to keep track of trends and streamline your pricing as per future trends.

These are all the major features of best hospitality management software. Using the best will bring enormous growth to your business. It is all about using latest technology to stay on top of the game.