Top Facts About EDMS Systems

4 years ago

One of the banes to running a business is keeping track of paperwork. While operating a business, there are millions of tasks to focus on, and maintaining documents should be the least of one’s concerns. This is where Electronic Document Management Software (EDMS) comes to the rescue.

What is EDMS?

An EDMS is software that helps in organizing and storing various kinds of documents in an electronic format. It can be visualized as an electronic, advanced version of a filing cabinet. Using such an electronic system for data management, one can store and file thousands of files containing data. This permits users to easily and quickly retrieve data when required.

How does it work?

The EDMS works in 3 steps such as:

  • Data and document capture

Documents can be stored by capturing data from different sources. Mostly, paper documents are captured via a scanner of high-speed. They can also be captured from e-mails by saving attachments. Meta-data is typically included in such captured documents for better indexing on an EDMS. Classifications systems like keywords, dates, topics may be used for classification.

  • Central storage of documents

After one scans and indexes documents, it is time for electronic storage. It is basically vital that such electronic records may be accessed by several employees to permit real-time collaboration and file-sharing. Therefore, there is a need for the central storage of documents. The EDMS can be set up on cloud systems or on-premise systems for enabling access to data and documents from anywhere.

  • Retrieval/ Distribution of data

Document retrieval may be desired within seconds. In this regard, metadata that is previously categorized proves to be useful. EDMS uses a search function to enable retrieval for easily bringing up a document so that one gains access as soon as possible. EDMS permits the sharing of files through e-mail or to upload and share through an app to distribute them easily.

How EDMS helps a business?

  • Boosts efficiency of business

Time management suffers when one has to call back a customer or put her on hold while one searches for a file. Time for operating various tasks for a business is limited, and delays in the retrieval of documents make for a huge difference.

For a business that has just been launched or one that has been around for 15 years, there will be times when one is not able to access a document which one needed urgently. This may have impacted one’s business adversely in terms of employee confusion, money lost, or embarrassment in front of clients. When a file is added automatically to an EDMS, it can be retrieved promptly without needing to sort through paper stacks. There is no chance of loss of files.

  • Saves money for business

Though it may seem like only a digital file storing cabinet, there are many ways in which EDMS can help save money. The first issue is that electronic storage of documents helps save valuable time. The time that employees use to document and store data in paper form can be used for more productive activities when EDMS is used. Another factor is that one might need lots of physical storage space for storing paper files and documents. This can be saved by using EDMS.

These are some of the top facts about EDMS. EDMS is also useful to file and store engineering drawings. It serves as the best engineering drawing management softwareThus, it has many valuable uses in different industries.