Padma Shri by Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil, President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan

4 years ago

Shri Surinder Mehta, a self made entrepreneur, is founder Chairman of Prime Group. Founded in 1986,the group has witnessed a remarkable growth from being a prime idea to a highly diversified multi-activity conglomerate focused on technological innovations particularly relating to core sectors and infrastructure Ltd., Prime Power Corporation Ltd., and Endolite India Ltd., brought to the country the latest and the state-of-specialized software solutions (for space & defence sectors ), etc.

2. Born on August 3, 1956 Shri Mehta began his career in the field of underground power cable fault location through computerized hi-tech van-mounted equipment. This totally revolutionized power distribution, saving hundreds of crores of rupees for power utilities through drastic improvement in power supply. He has pioneered advancements in the field of on-site & on-line partial discharge detection; infrared based thermography and thermal imaging; emergency restoration system for transmission line towers; and high capacity battery-less UPS systems. These technological advancements are being used extensively across the country by Government, public and private sector including ISRO,DRDO,NTPC,Power Grid,IAAI,BHEL,BEL,SAIL,Railways,Defence,TATA,Reliance,CPRI,IOC,L&T.

3. Shri Mehta’s software company ‘Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.’ has contributed to some very vital projects including the development of Infrared signature suppression device, which is being used by the Indian Navy in all future indigenous warships; and providing highly specialized simulation tools for the centre for Air Borne Studies (CABS). Shri Mehta has been instrumental in providing disaster relief ERS system for immediate restoration of high tension power lines resulting from collapse of transmission towers due to natural calamities, terrorism or vandalism; supply of specialized power conditioning systems for managing the ground control and support equipment for the Chandrayaan project; providing un-interrupted and quality power to several radar communication systems at the country’s international airports, providing over 100 MW of power through unique battery-less UPS systems, significantly assisting in reduction of carbon emission; designing and manufacturing of a specialized X-ray Generator and its robotic handling system for use by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) enabling them to manufacture quality PCBs’ for use in various satellite systems; and generating power through renewable energy by setting up a wind power generating station in Gujarat.Shri Mehta’s keen interest in the technology also led him to focus on import substitution in the field of power turbine componentary, and success fully developed highly specialized parts of steam turbines up to 500 MW for BHEL.

4. Through his founded organizations namely ‘Endolite India’, an ISO 9000 company and an NGO called ISHWAR, Shri Mehta has set-up a chain of over 25 modern and state-of-the art P&O centres and sub-centres across India to provide and fit the most technologically advanced artificial limbs including computerized Knee control systems & electronically controlled upper limbs; cosmetic restoration and state-of-the –art orthotics besides running a technology based vocational institute called ISHWAR Institute for Prosthetics & Orthotics (IIPO).

5. Shri Mehta has received several awards in recognition of his noteworthy contributions to the economy and to nation-building on technological lines during the last 23 years. These include Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award (PHDCCI); Udyog Rattan Award; Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award; Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award; Rattan Shiromani Award; National Business Leadership Award etc.