Digitalizing the Business World with Planet PCI

4 years ago

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes a human being from other living beings?

Curiosity! Humans are curious. Aren’t you?

We question a lot. We want to know, learn, and be as productive as possible each day. This very curiosity led us to laptops from radios and paving the way to smart homes and automated worlds through the Internet of Things. Don’t you agree?

Internet of Things:

The quest of humans to make a machine smarter led us to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. As similar as they look conceptually, they are far beyond mere automation. The idea of interconnected devices, smart enough devices for that matter to share the information with us, to clouds, and each other is what defines IoT in its simplest terms. These devices are commonly designed in a way that they capture every minute detail; utilize every bit of data that is used in everyday life; all this is done with a network of connected devices. Maybe that’s why the whole network is also called as “connected devices”.

Planet PCI (PPIL)

Planet PCI is an IT consulting and service provider organization based in Gurgaon, India. With the experience of working for Fortune 500 companies has made the team well versed in consulting, software development and solutions for offices and homes, industry automation design, e-business applications. It also has experience in providing defence solutions to various organizations. The team at PPIL is known for its exceptional services in the field of Human Resource consulting, IT Consulting, Business Process and Technology Consulting.

It is not an exaggeration to say PPIL has established its footmark in all major fields which needed technological interventions; from Aerospace and defence to Education; Banking to hospitality sector; Healthcare to Telecom; Power and energy to consumer goods; PPIL has made its mark in every field.

From application development to computer-based training, E-Governance to Graphic designing, mobile applications to E-commerce and website, PPIL offers IoT based services in all these fields.

Be it industry, business or scientific field PPIL stands on top to offer their services through IoT based services.

If you are looking for an IoT mobile app development company, then look no more. PPIL’s experienced team is always at your service to develop a mobile app on hybrid technology either for Android or iOS. Customer engagement, interaction and building brand loyalty have become the new hallmarks for business in these technology-driven times. This is in line with the objective of PPIL.

Areas covered by PPIL in mobile application development:

  • Simplifying internal communication
  • Attract customers, travellers, learners
  • Storage of data is not a burden now
  • Consumer interactions
  • Weather forecast and navigation assistance and a lot more.


PPIL’s assets:

  • Experience team of developers
  • High yielding business models
  • Safe and secure data communication
  • Client-focused services
  • Economical

The future of IoT is more attractive and fascinating, where human intervention will become even less. IoT has the potential to bring a radical shift in the way we live and the way we work and to assist you to go through this transformation smoothly PPIL Develops IoT applications and does your work simple.