22 Tips For Effective E-commerce Web design That Boosts Sales

4 years ago

A great e-commerce website design improves user experience which in turn gets converted to sales.

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Follow the top 22 web design tips to attract more traffic

  1. Remember your website must completely be target oriented. The users are your potential customers and they will buy something only if it meets their demand. So, customize your website in a way that will influence the buyers.
  2. If you hire a good e-commerce development company, then you will be advised to keep the background minimalistic to increase sales. After all, you do not want your users to get lost amidst the background and forget about your products.
  3. Always make the cart button available on your webpage. Through this, a user can view what has been liked by him/her before.
  4. Always be transparent about the costs and shipping charges. A user must get clear about how much it will cost them for a product.
  5. It is fine to add a contact page, a blog or a newsletter page but make sure any kind of extra information does not distract the users
  6. High-quality product images are the key to a successful e-commerce website, so make sure to add some.
  7. Product reviews highly influence buyers. If you, place some reviews on your website it will be of great worth.
  8. The website interface should be user friendly or else the customers will leave even before scrolling.
  9. Categorize your products and insert a search button so that it will be easier for the buyers to search for a product. A good e-commerce website design makes everything easy for users.
  10. Work with the customer’s psyche. Show the out of stock or limited stock tag under product from the best brand. The fear of missing out will influence the buyers to make an instant choice
  11. Always add filters like color, size to make sure that the customer can browse through easily.
  12. Use the grid layout and keep 3-4 products each row. This looks neat to the user.
  13. The users should be able to find your contact page easily.
  14. Users have less patience when it comes to checkout. Keep the checkout process fast and simple.
  15. A thank you page after each order is essential to track sales and increase confidence that their payment is successful
  16. The FAQ page will help the users not only get the answers but also get the desired level of trust.
  17. Social media links boost SEO which means it will be visible on the search option.
  18. Always try to keep the texts as brief as possible or else the user might get annoyed reading huge blocks of text
  19. Use your website logo on all of the pages and the theme and color should be consistent
  20. Keep your website mobile optimized as many users will use smartphones to search.
  21. Boost your sale by allotting a separate space on discounts
  22. Navigation should be easy or else you might lose potential customers.

A great e-commerce website is always user friendly and well optimized. You must put some effort behind e-commerce website development to boost sales. It is best if you can hire an e-commerce Development Company as it will provide long term benefit