Learning & Development

Our Learning & Development programs are crafted for candidates and professionals at all levels based on their skills requirements.

Each program is supported by an extensive infrastructure of staff and talented professionals for level-appropriate guidance. Our team is adept at responding to specific issues within the standards community and works to ensure that you walk away with a thorough understanding of the your industry and your inspirational role.

We have a wide range of programs designed in light of our ‘Need And Objective Analysis’. These programs are aligned towards motivation, sales effectiveness, time management, customer service, team management and more.

Educational Training

We help individuals move forward through our holistic training programmes that offer trainees with a greater understanding of the standards in the arena of the global economy, health, safety, the environment, as well as the relationship between the standards in the private and public sectors.

Who should attend courses?

  • Newcomers to the standards arena will benefit from introductory courses that illustrate the value of participating in the standards and conformity assessment process.
  • Seasoned members of the standards community will learn a variety of specialized techniques to assist in successfully influencing standards activities and maximizing the benefits of participation.
  • Everyone who attends ANSI courses will walk away with a greater understanding of the role that standards play in the global economy; health, safety, environment, and the relationship between standards of the private and public sectors.